Halfway to the half

Being about halfway through training for the Richmond Half Marathon, I thought I would do a little update.   Especially since I had a very emotional moment during my 8 miler this morning.

A little backstory:  I did the Richmond Half Marathon with the Half Marathon Training Team last year.  I was nearly 200lbs and had only run/walked a 10k.  I had fully caught the running bug and just kept wanting to go further.  The training and the race were tough, but I made it.  My half time was 3:28:09.  I walked much of it but was still proud of my accomplishment to move my body that far.  Even having a slight panic attack during the race and doubting my ability to complete the distance.

Since then I started on Weight Watchers and have thus far lost a little over 30lbs.  I joined the HMTT again to train for the Richmond Half and settled on a goal of going sub-3:00.

We’ve been running the same routes on our Saturday group/long run so as a data junkie I’ve been able to make comparisons with last year.  I remembered this 8 mile run vividly from last year.  At about 5 miles, I was spent.  I thought, “What the hell have I gotten myself into!?  I can’t do this!”  I started a death march those 3 miles in, repeating my dog’s name, Oliver, for much of it, Ol-iv-er, Ol-iv-er, as my mantra.

Today when we reached the Boulevard bridge that takes us over the train tracks by the baseball stadium, I looked up and had tears in my eyes.   This was the place that during the race last year, I started to panic.  Today I felt free.  No worries, but I was only 2 miles in.  Right before that 5 mile mark, I heard someone say hi to me as they passed, and it was my doctor.  I felt a calm, and kept on with my plan of walking one tenth of a mile, and running the remainder.

I think I may just have sub-3:00 in the bag now.  So that data I pulled shows that I ran this route 20 minutes faster than I did last year.   Also, I think that I made a 10k PB during the run.  I glanced down and it was about 6.18 and I was at 1:21.   My 10k PR is 1:22:xx.

Last year:

2:06:16 8.20 Mi Pace 15:24

This year:

1:46:26 8.15 Mi Pace 13:03.8

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