Birthday goal

My birthday is this coming Sunday, 9/11.   I will be 31 years old.  In celebration, I am going to run a 5k on Saturday.  The Innsbrook 5k here in Richmond to benefit the Ronald McDonald House.   My half marathon plan is on a cutback week with a 4 mile long run, so I figure a 5k at race pace with a half mile warm up will be sufficient.

Goal is to take 31 seconds off of my time.  Currently my 5k PR is 36:35 set in June.  The weather that morning was close to 80* and sunny.  As of now it looks like the temp will be closer to 70* and partial cloud cover this Saturday.

Of course in reality I would like to go under 36:00 to be that much closer to my overall goal of going under 35:00 within the next year.  (Or after my two scheduled half marathons are completed.)  But I thought with the 31st birthday 31 seconds was good to shoot for.

Regarding my current half marathon training, I think it is going very well.  We are following the same routes as last year.  I took about 5:30 off of the time my same 6 mile training run took me to complete last year at an easy long run pace.

Look out for a race report this weekend!


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